Because it is hard to believe, that they migrated from the south further north-east (since all migrations went in the opposite direction), and especially in those regions which were the cradle of the Slavic ethnogenesis. Nonetheless, it still is possible that Illyrians (I2a2a) migrated further north-east, came in contact with the Sarmatians-Scythians (R1a) and laid the foundation for the Slavic ethnogenesis, what is however missing are historical or archeological traces of their, Illyrian, migration to the north-east, which would make that theory plausible.

If they find Illyrian archeological heritage in the north-east (e.g. Ukraine, Moldavia etc.), I would be ready to accept that theory. What they however find are Serb and Croat archeological heritage, better to say toponyms bearing our names, in those regions of the north-east with a higher percentage of I2a2a, which makes it plausible.


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