Not really, I you and me, as a Croat and a Serb warrior leading a warrior horde with us, with only our kinship among us, descend upon Illyricum, like in those times. We first have sex with our women that we brought with us, and with the women of the people which we conquered. If we were of the more dominant I2a2a stock, we would have largely I2a2a descendants, and also with those markers whose women we took to expand the tribes. We didn’t have only R1a people, like the ones in the north-east, to expand our tribes, we expanded our tribes upon the Romans.

If we have stayed in the north-east, and didn’t migrate with our people to the Balkans, we would have sex with R1a women, and be the same what the Slavs are there today (meaning, we probably wouldn’t exist today, thus would be assimilated in larger Slavic groups).

E-V13 is existent in the old Illyrian regions, closer to the core the more percentage there is, nonetheless it does exist among Croats as well as among all other southern Slavs (not only southern even).


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