Meh it doesn’t makes sense still. Most of the Croatian, BiH and Serbian Haplogroup I populations are mountain populations. If they (R1a and I both being “Slavs”) traveled together or at least at same places then Croatian population would have equally ratio of HP I and R1a in all regions but it happens that most of the HP I people are either Island Isloates, Mountinous Isolates and in Dalmatian cities. If they were all one during arrival that wouldn’t happen because why would some HP I people selectively settle mountains as if the knew their haplogroups or had any reason to do so?
Thought i can answer to you why is that like that. Because during the Avar invasions of Pannonia Celto-Illyrians and Vlachs had to escape to the mountains to survive the Avar raids and Island Isolates weren’t attacked, while Dalmatian cities were most of the time protected, and later Slavs entered the picture fighting Avars and settled the Panonia region (Slavonia, Vojvodina, Istria etc) and that’s why you will find most R1a people from this regions while most of the HP I people will be found in the mountain parts, isolated islands and Dalmatian fortified cities and they represent celto-Illyrian and Vlach survivors, while R1a(Slavs) people in lowland parts of Dalmatian Zagora and Panonia i.e. Slavonia, Istria, Serbian Vojvodina, whole Slovenia and Hungarian pannonia etc..


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