Or they were the carriers of the proto-Slav culture, that assimilated the eastern Sarmato-Schythian tribes (R1a carriers) into their Slavic tribes, since they are to wide spread among the Slavs to have had come subsequently, and the first proto-Slavs are documented to have inhabited the region that is also the supposed origin of the I2a2a haplogroup as well.

One has to use some logic, if I2a2a is Illyrian and 2800 years old. Illyrians existed until 2th century BC until they were conquered and extinct by Rome, which gives I2a2a Illyrians around 600 years to spread to the north-east on own hand, conquer and mate with almost all predecesors of the Slavs, and leave almost no traces about it, no historical nor archeological, thus achieving something not even Rome that conquered them managed to achieve. Not plausible, and impossible considering the vast space Slavs inhabit.

I2a2a had to be there from the beginning of the Slavic ethnogenesis, and spread gradually to have achieved such a widespread in such a time, 2800 years. R1a came subsequently with the Iranic tribes, Sarmato-Scythians, thus thining the Paleo-European I2a2a percentage among the Slavic people.


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