There is no, more or less Slavic, R1a and I2a2a are both equally Slavic, just the one is the Paleo-European part, or the proto-Slavic part (I2a2a), the other an Iranic part or Sarmato-Scythian part (R1a). The probable Slavic ethnogenesis was, that the Sarmato-Scythians ruled over the proto-Slavs, or vice versa, thus adopting their culture and language (which is an often procedure), but some of them still carrying their tribal names. Out of that coexistence, the modern Slavs emerged.

A fact that supports this theory is also the mythological culture of the proto-Slavs (I2a2a) which is most similar to the mythological culture of the only other Paleo-European group sharing the same genetical origin, namely the Norse (I1).


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