So what about being banned from Avaz? I was banned from Avaz as well just by promoting what is in essence liberal market policies and suggested banning of non-Bosnia born nationals (no matter of ethnicity) from running in office. Rednecks in Avaz represent worst of what Bosniaks can offer.

Their power is not in their instituiton like an organisation, it’s in the people
Avaz is the pefect comparation of the Bosniak politics nowdays, and I see you agree with that. They are those who try to install Bosniak points of view, creaty Bosniak Academy of Science etc. And that ideology, controled by Avaz, *****ic Comunity etc is the problem about I am talking all the time!

They are telling Bosniaks what to think! And they think like they act – primitive, *****ic viewed, with sympathies for Turkey, Arabia etc.

And you think that there isn’t opposition to those retarded policies in center right, right and off-course in the far right?

Buddy why do you think that Hamzijski ***** was reborn? It was a needed counter-block of pure religious nationalism, demanding the “Bosniak fetwa” back (which forbids marrying of Bosniak women to non-Bosniak ******s arabs, tursk and the rest of ********s), full religious emancipation of men and women in form of mixed safs, removal of pre *****ic middle eastern elements like hijabs and burkas, promoting religious vigilance at home and meritorcatic conviventia tolerance outside.

We need good men and women to join up in our push to reform Bosniaks into something worthy of the name they bare. You would do more good for Bosniaks joining up to our cause instead spiting on the 600 year traditional faith of most Bosnians and further isolating Bosniaks from their rightful heritage.

P.S.: It would be a shame that lefty brownskins use OUR TRADITION and claim it as their own.

hamazzija? explain please


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