Thanks for posting. I have a question. It says that Biskupin was determined to be of Lusatian construction instead of Slavic. Weren't the Lusatians  Slavic? Or is there a big difference that I don't know about? Please pardon my lack of knowledge on this

Lusatian culture was one of "pre" or "proto" slavic cultures from southern baltic. it is "pre" and "proto" only because people are blindly following anti slavic propaganda which claims that slavs only arrived in the south of baltic int the early medieval time.

cultural continuity exists in the area between balkan and baltic from 7000 bc until today.

if you want to see who were the people who built biskupin, have a look who continued to build these type of fortifications in medieval time? Only slavs.  Not germans, not scandinavians, slavs. If lusatians were not slavs but germans, how come germans did not continue building these kind of fortifications in medieval time? how come they are only known to have been built in the slavic lands?
I don't understand how slavic people can spread this kind of anti slavic propaganda.


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