Bosnian Slavs were truly connected with their native believs – rodnovjerje, so they made this Chruch as an combination of early christianity and rodnovjerje. Well, its not a topic about Chruch of Bosnia, but, I said that just to compare about this I mentioned.
Churches want to say today that there was no Bosnian Chruch, and that Bosniaks in the medieval period were Christians, not Krstjani (members of Church of Bosnia).

Because they can't adulterate historical facts, so they try to manipulate with the medieval tombs of the members of Church of Bosnia – Stećci. So, the idea is simple. If they remove them from their places (and they are placed in free nature), and install in the yards of the churches, they can "prove" that there was no Krstjani in Bosnia- Herzegovina, and that Stećci were not tombs of Bosnian Krstjani, but tombs of the members of Catolic, or Orthodox Chruch.

Here more about that – http://www.sarajevo-x.com/kultura/ucestalo-izmjestanje-stecaka-u-bih-zabrinjava/090911061

Again I underline that monotheism is the biggest threat for Slavic people, Slavic heritage, and Slavic believs.