Again I underline that monotheism is the biggest threat for Slavic people, Slavic heritage, and Slavic believs.

Sorry but you are wrong.

For centuries my ancestors were christians and they also observed many pre-christian traditions. Then came Yugoslavia and in this period they mocked and destroyed these traditions. Thanks to evil anti-slavic priests many pre-christian tradition's have been revived after Yugoslavia collapsed.

Taking many pre-christian traditions in the Christianity is only a insult for the Slavic heritage, in my opinion. From the other hand, its good because it still survived, thats true, but it exists now in christian surrounding and meaning, changed and merged like it is authentical christian. And its celebrated not by our own originall rituals dedicated for the native gods, but for Christian saints, with Christian rituals. So, it has not any sence for me. Plus – none of random christians will ever think and understand that those traditions have nothing to do with christianity.
For example, many random Bosniaks (muslims) too don't understand that Jurjevo, or Perundan (Ilindan) is their own holiday and that such a celebration is a native tradition. For them, its just a christian celebration, and they don't want to have anything with it.
But, thanks to the gods, some of them know the truth, and in some willages, Bosniak muslims still celebrate it, but, in some kind of "islamic tradition", that is, the same as in "christian tradition" a insult for the originally slavic heritage.