Bosnian church = first ever Protestant church, centuries before Martin Luther.
Mišljen, is there any stats where it says how many Bosniaks still follow this old and unique faith?


The Bosnian Church (Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian: Crkva bosanska Latin: Ecclesia bosniensis) is historically thought to be an indigenous branch of the Bogomils that existed in Bosnia during the Middle Ages. Adherents of the church called themselves simply Krstjani ("Christians"). The church no longer exists and is thought to have disappeared completely after the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The church's organization and beliefs are poorly understood, because few if any records were left by church members, and the church is mostly known from the writings of outside sources, primarily Roman Catholic ones.[/li]

It is an offshoot of the Orthodox Church, the origins of the sect lie in Bulgaria. Today 'The Bosnian Church' term is widely used to support the new Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) Nationalist idea, by distancing themselves from the Croatian and the Serbian influence.