Bosnian church = first ever Protestant church, centuries before Martin Luther.
Mišljen, is there any stats where it says how many Bosniaks still follow this old and unique faith?

I think there are no more followers. Althought, if its true, the last followers were here in the late XIX century:

Last "bogomils" (althought it is a literature-lie about the bogomilian origin of the Bosnian Church followers) – http://bs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posljednji_bogumili

– English diplomat Ricaut, in its report from 1670. notes that the Bosnian Bogomils not up to that time were not completely melted at Muslims. Though professing Islam, they read the New Testament. (Malet de l'Etat present de l'Empire Ottoman, Amsterdam 1670th)
– The organization chart of the Herzegovinian Bakulinom diocese from 1867. states that the Dubočani (Konjic Kotor), family Helež was last follower of the Bogomil faith in that region.
– Fra Jelanić, said that in the "De Patarenis Bosnae", it is still behind the Austrian occupation of the upper Neretva Bogomil were sixteen families. The famous Bosnian Franciscan, Fr Grga Martic, said that he personally knew some of the Muslim families who secretly confessed Bogomil faith. The rite is exercised host.
– Fra Grga Martic said that in his time there was followers of this faith in the village of Jablanica Drežnica in the Kreševo​​.
– Mehmed-beg Ljubušak noted: "Around the Neretva and Rama there are today Muslims, who have preserved some prayers from Bogomil and time them in family circles wildly obtain."