Did Bogumilism originate in Bulgaria or Macedonia?

Bogumilism was in Bulgaria and Macedonia
Church Bosnian (OFTEN substituted with Bogomilian) was in Bosnia

It is true that Bogomilians had some influence of Chruch of Bosnia, but the chruch with its dogma was never a Bogumilism chruch, and there are NO EVIDENCES that it ever was. They called themslefs "krstjani", not "bogumili".
The problem about that is that Church of Bosnia gave protection for some of Bogomilians from Macedonia and Bulgaria, and thats why its often been misused that Bosnian Church was a Bogomilian Church.

There is no Bosnian written evidence (written by the members of Bosnian Church) that they were BOGOMILS! They were "krstjani", and their religion was a symbiosis of old (early) christianity (that was the religion of the autohtone Balkan people Slavs found living in Bosnia on the one, and the traces of christianisation of Bosnian Slavs in the early VIII century that never succed) and Slavic paganism (rodnovjerje – they brought with themselfs).