Did Bogumilism originate in Bulgaria or Macedonia?

Bogumilism was in Bulgaria and Macedonia
Church Bosnian (OFTEN substituted with Bogomilian) was in Bosnia

It is true that Bogomilians had some influence of Chruch of Bosnia, but the chruch with its dogma was never a Bogumilism chruch, and there are NO EVIDENCES that it ever was. They called themslefs "krstjani", not "bogumili".
The problem about that is that Church of Bosnia gave protection for some of Bogomilians from Macedonia and Bulgaria, and thats why its often been misused that Bosnian Church was a Bogomilian Church.

There is no Bosnian written evidence (written by the members of Bosnian Church) that they were BOGOMILS! They were "krstjani", and their religion was a symbiosis of old (early) christianity (that was the religion of the autohtone Balkan people Slavs found living in Bosnia on the one, and the traces of christianisation of Bosnian Slavs in the early VIII century that never succed) and Slavic paganism (rodnovjerje – they brought with themselfs).

That is true, they are believed to have perserved a lot of old Slavic traditions in their rituals. So the claim that they all converted to Islam because they prefered the 'Turkish Islamic life' more than the 'Slavic Christian one' is a far fetched nationalistic blabbering of the Bosniak (Bosnian muslim) nationalists.

    [li]If they were Slavic Christians, that held to their Slavdom and their Christian faith, why in the world would they then convert to Turkdom and the Islam faith?

    [li]The most probable reason for their disappearance is that they got assimilated by 'stronger' Slavic Christian faiths in the course of wars that were held against them (

Hungarian crusades, Ottoman conquests)[/li]

Well, for the first time, I could agree with you. But – could!
1. They did not acceptet Islam all by once, as the Bosniak nationalistic propaganda said. The proces of Islamisation was a long proces, and it is believed that its completed (that more than 80% of Bosnian Church members) converted to the Islam after 250-300 godina. So, around XVIII century. (References – Ottoman defteri, Ottoman "censuses" etc. you can find it in the book "Popis bosanskog sandžaka 1604" and so on…
2. They HAD to convert in Islam faith – because they lived in an Islamistic area. They had more rights, privilegies etc. On the other hand, during the ocupation of Bosnia (1463) the Islamisation is partly made even with force.
3. The members of Bosnian Chruch did not disappeared before 1463., and you have those proves in that I wrote on nr. 1 + in the proves of the censuses even in Austro- Ungary reign, that there are Church Bosnian families, and that many muslims still practice old traditions (early christian and slavic paganism). That is the answer why they never converted full into the Islamic way of life. Even today, those traditions are common by muslims in Bosnia. That is the prove of the strong Slavic relations we have in our blood.
4. The truth is that many of the members of Bosnian Chruch coverted to Christianity (due Christian wars agains them etc.) so claiming that ONLY BOSNIAK MUSLIMS ARE THE successors of the Bosnian Church followers is a LIE! Christias are too.
5. There is also a lie that the members of Bosnian Chruch converted to Islam because it was a simular religion. Very funny, Islam as a strong monotheistic religion is SIMULAR to a dualistic (or mainly dualistic) faith combined with national faith. Funny.
Krstjani had a ritual (they cleaned themselfs before rituals, they had 5 rituals during the day, and they've fallen on their knees praying…) that Bosniak nationalists trying to connect with Islam, and telling that Krsjani were some kind a islamic sect. Very funny. If we read the Book of Veles (which is, in my point of view, valid talking about traditions and rituals of the Slavs) we will see that such a ritual was common for the Slavs. Even Nenad Gajić (in the book Slovenska mitologija) noticed that Arabians take the ritual of cleaning before their prayer from Slavs!!!