5. There is also a lie that the members of Bosnian Chruch converted to Islam because it was a simular religion. Very funny, Islam as a strong monotheistic religion is SIMULAR to a dualistic (or mainly dualistic) faith combined with national faith. Funny.

Christians during the days of Prophet considered fleeging Islam in it's early days as just another Arianic offshoot.

Krstjani had a ritual (they cleaned themselfs before rituals, they had 5 rituals during the day, and they've fallen on their knees praying…) that Bosniak nationalists trying to connect with Islam, and telling that Krsjani were some kind a islamic sect.

And with what else would you connect 5 daily prayers and ritualistic cleansing before it :-/
No seriusly ask anyone here or anywhere else with what do they connect five daily prayers ;D

Even Nenad Gajić (in the book Slovenska mitologija) noticed that Arabians take the ritual of cleaning before their prayer from Slavs!!!

Arabs and Slavs had first conntact decades after founding of the proto-Caliphate, well after the ritual cleansing was included into Islamic practice. And those Slavs which they (Arabs) came in contact were pockets surviving slaves from Greek purges in Balkans (who I doubt that they were allowed to "waste" what little water the brownskins had), sold to them by ever Slavic-friendly-lands of Byzantine.
And first "abdests" were done using sand or "ground which was not soiled by an animal or a man".

And repeat after me Church of Bosnia was part of Arianic CHRISTIANITY with some Indo-European "Aryan" pagan elements which are found and common in Slavic, Celtic and Germanic mythology. But it DID NOT, AND I REPEAT IT DID NOT exists as purely pagan religion with few Christian addons as you neo-pagans are trying to represent  ::)