Christians during the days of Prophet considered fleeging Islam in it's early days as just another Arianic offshoot, so if you can't see the similarities between them maybe you need to pull your head out of your ass  ::)

Islam is an arianic religion?  ;D
Yeh for sure, your thesis are like the thesis that all people in the world are Serbs ;)

And with what else would you connect 5 daily prayers and ritualistic cleansing before it :-/
No seriusly ask anyone here or anywhere else with what do they connect five daily prayers ;D

Nowdays – with Islam.
But before 600 years ago? They heard first time about that religion. And what they knew about it. Nothing much except that it is a foregin religion that came with the occupators here. Another foregin element in their lifes.
And they were not so delighted with the "new religion" that came with the occupators here. I mean, it is the same paradox, when the Serb- četniks would claim, after 500 years, that they (but thank to the gods – the didn't and never will!) converted all Bosniaks (muslims and catolics) into orthodox religion only by few days, because we had the one god like they, we had 2 big holidays like they etc.
Bosniaks FIGHTED against another foregin threat. And for them, Ottomans and their religion both were hateful. They knew it is something they're fighting with.
And the prove for that, as I already said, you have in many "censuses" of Bosniak sanjaks in the Ottoman empire, where you can see many "nonbelievers" in 1600s and 1700s, and many "Muhameds with fathers name: Hval" etc.

Arabs and Slavs had first conntact decades after founding of the proto-Caliphate, well after the ritual cleansing was included into Islamic practice. And those Slavs which they (Arabs) came in contact were pockets surviving slaves from Greek purges in Balkans (who I doubt that they were allowed to "waste" what little water the brownskins had), sold to them by ever Slavic-friendly-lands of Byzantine.
And first "abdests" were done using sand or "ground which was not soiled by an animal or a man".

And repeat after me Church of Bosnia was part of Arianic CHRISTIANITY with some Indo-European "Aryan" pagan elements which are found and common in Slavic, Celtic and Germanic mythology. But it DID NOT, AND I REPEAT IT DID NOT exists as purely pagan religion with few Christian addons as you neo-pagans are trying to represent  ::)

If I remeber good, their first contact was with the Slavs from the north. By two reasons: 1. slavery (more about it – Slavery in the Arab World by Murray Gordon) 2. arab travelers.
For the first one, I'll just let you know that about VI and VII century, there were many Slavic slaves in the arab world, and they're mostly for the north. Even those first "abdests" were an arabian pagan tradition, that they have taken from the Slavs.

Yeh, it was a truly christian church, with all elements of christianity  ;D ;D