Yeh, it was a truly christian church, with all elements of christianity  ;D ;D

OMG it pulled it's head out of its ass  ;D

Islam is an arianic religion?  ;D

There is no "arianic" religion only arianic Christian teaching, if you meant on Aryan religion then NO.
Do you understand the principels of Arianism (proto-Gnosticis) and it's diffrences from Manichaeism?
Today there are theories (f***ed up ones) that Prophet Muhamad was a desended of the house of Abraham trough Ishamael and was just a founder of another Christian sect which in later years got a bit more "distinct" flavor.

And when I was still searching for "spiritual furfilent" I did experiment and went on few sesions held by Gnostics and Adventist or who ever they were here in Sarajevo. I was supprised to see a guy IDK if he was a Muslim convert or really well educated guy in Islamic scriptures, but let me summarize his 2 hour long speech;

Both Sons of Abraham were given a promise (holy Covenant) to make the name of God and his laws known to all the world.
This promise was given to Abraham before the birth of Ishmael and after his birth (before the birth of Isaac 14 yrs later) so it included both sons.
Biblically the first son is supposed to get the Lions share and typically the second son looks for ways to usurp that right so it is quite infamous for the second one to verbally or in written form exclude the big bro. However, In Islam there is no exclusion of anyone.
The descendants of Isaac were chosen first.
A long line of Prophets and Kings descended from Isaac unto the Jews.
The children of Isaac were a blessing for all of mankind up until they denied Jesus.
In Islam Jesus is called the Messiah (annointed Prophet). He came from a miracle birth and performed miracles so nobody could falsely accuse him of being an imposter or a fake and then demand the death penalty on him. He was to be the last chance redeemer for the Jewish nation. If they accepted him and repented then they would be spared from a "lanat" and they would be forgiven for their rebellion and for the killing of Gods Prophets.
After that…. the Prophethood was shifted to the Ishmaelites and the message sent through them would be the last and eternal message until the day of Judgement.
God sent the final Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets to the Ishmaelites and with him would come the final book for all of mankind.
Both Sons were blessed and the promise was fulfilled.
God sent Ishmael and his mother into the desert of Paran when he was a baby.
This way they were protected from invasions and hellenization etc.
In the meantime the Arabs were safeguarded, their bloodlines were kept pure and their language became the most highly developed until a time came when they would speak in poetry and could memorize entire speeches of thousands of words.
When the time came…God sent the last message to them… and the Arabs were able to memorize the word of God and they were able to memorize hundreds of thousands of sayings of the Prophet. The final message of God would come unto a people who could memorize vast amounts of information and thereby preserve it for the future.
God fulfilled his promise to bless both the sons of Abraham. The second son got the largest number of Prophets but the first son got the final Prophet who brought the last message that would be preserved for all time so no more Prophets would ever be needed again.
Both the sons of Abraham are blessed and honored in Islam.
Qur'an states that Hagar and Ishmael were sent into Arabia (by command of God) 14 years before the birth of Isaac so the accusations of Sarah being overcome with jealousy is foreign to Islam. BUT THEY STILL INSIST ON TRYNITY and promote the theory that Prophet Muhamed was supposed to be a "reedemmer" of a sorts to Christians the same way how Jesus was for the Jews, BUT NOT A FOUNDER SEPARATE RELGION.

What turned me of from their teaching is the retarded "putting on pedestals" of Semits (Jews and REAL Arabs) and how we should honor "direct blood of Abraham" i.e. all the shitskins in the 600 mile radius of Jerusalem and Mekka… In the end I discovered Hamzijski Islam, which combined with few Haddits supports the theory of races amongst men (read "Mohammedan theory of evolution") and religiusly proven racial awernes fitted perfectly into my world view. But I don't want to bog down this thread with my personal isues.

And for there was a trend that every where were Arianism was present population converted in a relative short amount of time as seen in North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Bulgaria and Bosnia, while in the regions which didn't have the tradition of Arianism the Islamization proces was slow or nearly non existent Serbia, Croatian lands durring the occupation, Greece, etc. But converts ironicly were bad news for the first Muslims because it meant less income into state tresury and smaller pool from which to chose officials and soldiers (but these practices were done on Muslims aswell).