Like it before with the Iraq war (both of them), Israel and the Zionists are hyping all sorts of bullshit here. In the first Iraq war it was babies being disconnected from incubators, then it was nuclear weapons and comparisons to their favorite boogeyman, Hitler. It is no surprise that Ahmadinejad is also being accused of this and subject to identical comparisons.

Iran is definitely developing nuclear power, but the weaponization of it, is a whole different story. That requires extensive research and highly advanced technology that they simply do not possess. You see, causing a nuclear explosion is easy, it is the delivering it accurately elsewhere that is hard. I doubt Iran plans to nuke itself.

This is also for consideration:
Israel's nukes: article 1 and article 2

Iran has also allowed inspections and signed nuclear weapon related treaties. Israel did not. So, as usual, the Zionists lie. And the American bulldog will probably fall for it… again.