What I like is that he isn't an hypocrite.

Just look at the video : he is telling the thuth about Israel and European delegates leave like he said something wrong…
Notice how the rest of the audiance applause the delegates like they've been humiliated.
(the clown at the beginning of video is the leader of a Jewish student organisation).

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN Anti-Racism Conference, Durban II

This is standard behaviour. Everytime Iran's reps speak at any major summit, or whatever, Eurocrats, yanks and kikes leave room when truth is told to them. I am truly ashamed to have this faggy, liberal, kike-loving scum as representing our European folk. All I can pray for is that Europe's right keeps growing and growing stronger. SMASH LIBERALISM!!! TO HELL WITH NWO!!!

Regarding opinion on question posed by MrX, I don't think USA has stomach to go to war with Iran. Not while being bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially not if they go into Syria first. War with Iran would bankrupt USA and EU financially and put even more of their economic fate in China, especially now in times of crisis, since currently their overseas campaigns cost even more than even Korean or Vietnamese Wars did, LOL! Syria would just drive them further down, and Iran would finish them off, since Iran is no pushover. It is most powerful islamic country together with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in terms of military.