There won't be any wars with in Iran for a few decades, it is simply fisscally impossible to do without litearally vassalising the entire Western world to Chinise Overlords. And even today there are strong Serparatist movements in Texas, California and Northwest Republic, imagine what would happen if they raise even more taxes and demand that the boys and girls from states which would be better off independent go and die in some pointless war which wouldn't do any good for them. Many in Northwest would like to change red, white and blue with green, white and blue. Aswell today there is a "imiggration exausthion" in Texas and California which are forced to give up large amounts of cash to retarded projects like "Southern Poverty Law/Act".

Eventually what will hapen in Iran ove next few decades as the rich tax payers and ever rising middle class demand will be introduction of Turkey style republicanisim, while today style Islamic Republic will probably limited to Shia Holy City of Qom. The Islamic teachings will still have influence in rural areas (just as anywhere else), some Islamic style laws will be in effect like in Pakistan as "Religeus and National persons anti-deffamation", but Shahdom will not return how many in the West would prefer.