Support of islamic peoples in Europe (inc Turkey) is marked by fact that Europe is one giant source of military manpower for America's campaigns in Middle East and Africa. One could call Albania/"Kosovo" and Bosnia & Herzegovina as collectors items for America's war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan (and it looks like Syria and Iran are next) and very useful ones, since this are muslim countries (well, not so much BiH, but since Bosnians are mostly muslim, I include them) and America can use them as justification that they are not carrying out some holy crusade against islam in their campaigns. All they need do is dangle some carrots in front of this nation's eyes with things like EU and NATO membership and this countries are sold (governments, not so much people, except in case of Albanians/"Kosovars", who are just as great NWO/American whores as Israel is, if not more). It really is no different than how America swallowed allegiance of almsot whole of Europe. Even Serbia is now headed in this direction under Tadic (at least as far as EU in concerned, not NATO). Outside of Europe? Oil/mineral/resources rich 3rd world holes who cannot defend themselves and are ripe for exploitation.

It is all geopolitics.