Oh you cheaky Serb, well it seems Dobrica Ćosić strikes again.

Those "Mujaheedin" are part of a purely Muslim Brigade formed by Bosniak Muslims who wanted to fight with other Bosniaks and was part of ABiH (Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina), we had the same for the Orthodox figthers "Prva slavna" Pravoslavna. Around 15-20% of our standing military forces then consisted of Serbs and our high command consisted of 3 Serbs compared to 4 Bosniaks and one HOS represntative, with another 5-7% of Croats which didn't join up with HVO (HOS not included).

But the 200 Arab foreign figthers which came to Bosnia were a separate PARA-military body like Chetniks and Russian volientiers ;D



P.S.: Most of them by 2011 were deported or left on their own will, what remained of them is just a handfull (10 to 15) who were ancqored by racetraitor whores.

Samo ti nastavi izazivat sa ovako plitkim komentarima na koje svi Balkanci znamo odgovore.
Few more comments like this and I will start posting about Orthodox Ethiopians and convert Viatnamise who became Serbs ;)