I don't see the problem in supporting states which majority is muslim. I know a lot of Bosniaks pretty well, and their Islam was secular in the common folk, the religion as such was not a problem. The problem I see is in supporting radical, militant Islam, that didn't exist in Bosnia nor Kosovo before that, but is today (from the outside perspective) almost mainstream. Bosniaks can tell us more about it, Konzervativac especially since he is the part of that new stream

I can figure that militants are far more efficient when it comes to spilling blood where it needs to get spilled, than some secular person which thinks about wellbeing of the people rather than engaging full-spread war no matter the cost even upon his own folk.

If that is the cause, what do the Americans think about such a warmongering US policy?


So why do you Konzervativac support these Mujaheedin fighting for your islamic cause? I figure that you are an islamist, what I don't figure is, why nobody banned you till now. Post whatever you want, you and your friend Frost may keep on with the Serbophobia as much as you please, this forum tolerates it as it seems.