I don't see the problem in supporting states which majority is muslim. I know a lot of Bosniaks pretty well, and their Islam was secular in the common folk, the religion as such was not a problem. The problem I see is in supporting radical, militant Islam, that didn't exist in Bosnia nor Kosovo before that, but is today (from the outside perspective) almost mainstream. Bosniaks can tell us more about it, Konzervativac especially since he is the part of that new stream

I can figure that militants are far more efficient when it comes to spilling blood where it needs to get spilled, than some secular person which thinks about wellbeing of the people rather than engaging full-spread war no matter the cost even upon his own folk.

If that is the cause, what do the Americans think about such a warmongering US policy?


So why do you Konzervativac support these Mujaheedin fighting for your islamic cause? I figure that you are an islamist, what I don't figure is, why nobody banned you till now. Post whatever you want, you and your friend Frost may keep on with the Serbophobia as much as you please, this forum tolerates it as it seems.

And we all know what you did to the nice secular Muslims in Srebrenica.

And yes I belong to Hamzijevski Islam movement which aims to isolate Bosniak Muslims from the Middle Eastern heresies like Vehabisim which are rampant trough once noble lands. I don't see myself any different than any clero nationalist, my life mantra is simply Bog, Bosna, Bošnjaci and to be honest I couldn't give two shits what Americans are doing in Pičkamateristan and I a proud to say that I have 3 cousins serving in the US armed forces two of them are serving their third tour in Afghanistan. And at one time durring my search for spirituality I accutally thought enlisting.

Ako te intresuje kako Hazijski Islam izgleda i koja učenja tu prevladivaju pročitaj http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quranism

First of all as I stated so many times before those foreign fighters which came did more harm than good, and I wonder how did they pass trough Croat and Serb teritories with little to no troubles while the native Bosniaks (civilians inclouded) couldn't move trough "your" teritories. Furthermore, the mujahideen were largely Saudi adventurers who loved war; the Bosnians were typical Europeans who had come to hate war after their experience of Fascist occupation and partisan struggle in World War Two. When Bosnians fought, it was for their country, not for  the opportunity for martyrdom. When the Bosnian war ended in 1995, no Bosnians followed the mujahideen to battle in Chechnya or Central Asia.

For the mujahideen in Bosnia, "the jihad ended" in 1995 with the U.S. imposition of the Dayton agreement. Most of them departed the Balkans, although a few who had acquired Bosnian citizenship by their war service or by marrying Bosnian women settled in central Bosnia, occasioning much rumor but little real trouble.

Although ordinary Bosnian Muslims, the Bosnian ulema, and most Bosnian Muslim politicians resented the interference and arrogance of the Wahhabis, there was a visible reluctance in Sarajevo to repudiate them openly. The causes of this were simple: Bosnia is impoverished, and there is no prosperous Bosnian diaspora capable of investing in reconstruction. In addition, Bosnian participation in Sufi orders and Hamzi Islam, the traditional barrier to Wahhabism, had declined drastically under Communism. The Saudis offered Bosnian Muslim authorities needed money, and all they had to do was accept free copies of the Qur'an. Yet even so, the Bosnian Muslim community remained essentially impervious to puritan Wahhabism, a situation that prevails today.