Well this is not a topic about foreign Mujaheedin in Bosnia from Arabia etc., it is 'Why does the US support militant Islam in Europe?'.

For that matter it is also about native Bosniak Mujaheedin in Bosnia, radical islamists like Alija Izetbegovic the first illegal Bosniak president for example (Fikret Abdic won the elections). Why were those militants, warmongers that said they will spill blood and start a war, for 'their' Bosnia, doesn't matter how much of their own people would die, supported by the US instead of secular and tolerant Bosniaks like Fikret Abdic mentioned above, that DID won the elections, and were against the war.

    [li]In short why did the US support a warmongering militant Islamist instead of a secular western-type politician (also a Bosniak/Bosnian muslim) that was legally elected by the Bosnian people (Croats, Serbs and Bosnian Muslims).[/li]


I doubt someone would describe Naser Oric the warlord of Srebrenica, a militant jihadi and his mujaheedin fighters as 'nice secular Bosniaks/Muslims'.