Please stop trolling the thread if you have nothing to post except 90's propaganda you grew up on. It is not the thread about that.

Mudjaheedin by my definition, or a jihadi, is someone who takes a weapon to fight for Islam against those who do not support his view. Islamist is someone who doesn't tolerate any other state policy, than the one that is brought by muslims and is according to the muslim teachings. Extremist islamist terrorist is a person, that doesn't tolerate any other state policy than mentioned above, is extreme to that point that even the non-muslims should comply to his view, terrorises other people that are not supportive to his agenda. 

Those people did exist in Bosnia, those people were the ones that were supported by the US, those people were the one that provoked the war by asking for blood of any that was not supportive to their agenda (even their own people).

They supported Mujahedeens because they followed Islamic customs of war.
When Serbs think that everything is permitted in war since their religion is a joke.

Their legacy lives in gullible children like you are for example, calling all other religions than islam a joke.