Yes your faith is a joke, you call to murder every non Serb and you think that your God will forgive you since you had been baptized in the Orthodox rite.

If we were ought to kill every non-Serb, then we would have only Serbs in Serbia by now. Since we didn't murder every non-Serb, we have Albanians, Bosniaks, Croats, Hungarians etc… The 'strange' thing about it is, why do we only have problems with Albanians (Kosovo) and Bosniaks (Sandzak) in Serbia?

When there is no human institution to punish you if you behave bad, there is only God's jugement that can prevent you from it.
Serbian state still worked, people would be jailed if they tried to kill someone in Serbia, but not in Bosnia.
For Sandzak, just look how much Serbia has respect for its people memory.

Nemanja i Karađorđe ne mogu u Sandžak