Yes your faith is a joke, you call to murder every non Serb and you think that your God will forgive you since you had been baptized in the Orthodox rite.

If we were ought to kill every non-Serb, then we would have only Serbs in Serbia by now. Since we didn't murder every non-Serb, we have Albanians, Bosniaks, Croats, Hungarians etc. living in Serbia… The 'strange' thing about it is, that we only have problems with Albanians (Kosovo) and Bosniaks (Sandzak) not with the Croats and the Hungarians.

Wake up Bosniak people, you have been lied to.

You certainly did try to exterminate Muslims, you forced out of Serbia after you gained you independence thousands of SERB MUSLIMS. Some Serbs fled to Turkey, some moved to Bosnian Rashka and others went to Bosnia. Those which stayed in Bosnian Vilayet assimilated amongst the local Bosniaks but many still had their Serb last names Marinovići, Vlašići etc.

What about "Istrage poturica" and "Turkokolji" or did you forget them so fast? Even today people of Bosnian Rashka still lament the slaugthers of their ancestors by their pacifist Serb neighbors.