As I promised here I am to say the reasons. And I will say them theoreticaly, that have nothing to do with the situation nowdays in the Balkans, but it could be easly conneceted with it.

Radical (or militant) islam is a product of – United States!


Well, google (or more better – read geopolitical books to understand it). It is based on a, nowdays quite funny theories – a combination of Rimland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rimland) and Heartland theories (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Geographical_Pivot_of_History). The last one, in fact, even caused the WW2 and it is based about the "heart of the planet", or "pivot area". It is believed, geopoliticaly, that who controls the heart of the Planet, is (able to) control(ing) the whole world. The area of Russia was marked as Heartland. That was the reason Hitler wanted to control Russia (due his expansion to Eastern Europe).

It was believed that this theory "died" together with Hitlers idea after the WW2, and even the America banned geopolitics as a science in USA after the WW2.
But, during the "cold war" geopolitics started to preocupate american geographers, politicans and strategists. The idea of Rimland was now on the power and it seemed the this idea was the only key how USA can defeat Russia (that still was marked as the magical Heartland).


Due this theory, USA should make control in all of the countries that surrounding Soviet Union (Russia), so they can make preasure to them, slowly weaking its power.

If you see the map, nowdays, all those countries that are in the conception of Rimland are the interes zone of the USA.

In the mid 80's, Afganistan was a communistic country, and there it was planned that Afghanistan should be a part of the Soviet Union. At that time, USA had no control with the Arabian countries (if you see now, the Arabian spring and FB revolution, caused by the USA is just a new level of completing this theory). If Afganistan becomes a part of Soviet Union, it would crush the american dream about this theory. So, they (USA) paid to the islamic rebels and revolutionars agaist communism in Afganistan (called TALIBANS) on which head was Osama bin Laden, to make a civil war agains the communist supporters of Afganistan. Osama bin Laden, and G. Bush (the older) were close friends at that time. And "thanks" to the Talibans (helped by american money and weapons) Afganistan was not a part of Soviet Union and became an islamic country.

After the breakup of communism, Samuel Hungtington wrote a book called "Clash of Civilizations" in which he described how would look the new, post-Cold war World Order.
Also, at that time, Francis Fukuyama wrote the book "End of the history – the last man" describing that the history is on his end (because Soviet Union and communism are defeated).
The conclusion of that two books were simple – USA will not be a strong world power country if he has no chance to prove its might. So, they needed a new rival. The new rival, will be somone to make the same political atmosphere like in Cold war, against whom USA will fight and show the world its might and domination.

Due the historical circumstances, where islamic talibas owe a service to the USA, it was clearly – new american rival will be the islamic world "leaded" by the talibans; the radical and millitant islam groups created by USA itself…

And thats it.