I'm against any kind of gayness in public for my country
and the Slavic lands, and majority, I'm maybe wrong, think that homosexuality is
a mental illness. You have to keep a conservative part, otherwhise you open the door
to all kind of perversion. Just look at the gay parade, a bunch of naked perverts
parading under the sun light, so even children can see them. Why they just don't do that in a forrest?

You know what happens if you tolerate it?

1. They'd want a parade
2. They'd want to be allowed to marry
3. They'd want to marry inside church
4. They'd want adopt children
5. They'd still feel persecuted and your children would be forced to
learn about tolerance of gays, feminism and gender BS instead maths.
6. The door would be opened for depenalization of pedophilia.