It would be good for the health of Slavic nations that military and civic duties are enforced on all people who are finishing high school and trough that earn citizenship. During that period test might be conducted in which only SLAVS of proper mental health could stay in their nations, the procedure will be an effective bullet to the head to sick unnatural ideas like homosexualism, feminism and other perversion which might to harm to our Slavic people and nations.

Hello Addie , how you doing? lol
I don't think eugenism is a good thing…
It's all about education and parent morality.
If parents don't do their job, the state will do it,
and you know who control the world.  :D

You are a Musilm right? And you are commanded by God in Qur'an that each generation of Muslims are better than the last one. And if parents fail the state needs to take that role, esspecailly when I see overweighted little fuckers with no discipline, strenght and stamina OR those who put ignorant dipshis to no priority on the development of their minds and don't learn no usable skills which would benifit their nation and their people.