So for centuries, from the time of Adam and Eve for all time until the 20th century people have always married between man and woman only. Yet in the 20th and 21st centuries people have suddenly out of nowhere started discussing marriage between a man and a man. How is it even possible? Whenever I see these celebrities becoming married, between two men it seems odd. They are both in their tuxedoes, but it is meant to look like one man in the tuxedo and a woman in the white dress.

How does allowing homosexuals to adopt help anything? Number one homosexuality was never mainstream until only a few decades ago, even in Western countries. In the country I live it became mainstream over several generations, it was illegal until the 1960s. With each year or decade a new push towards acceptance and liberalism is made, in all areas of social debates. This one has gone forward very far.

The point is that it is not traditional and it creates many problems. If fertility rates are low as they are in many European countries this will only contribute to the problem. Walking down the street in summer I saw many pairs of men holding hands. It seemed unnatural to me. People ask me how it is harmful to have homosexuals adopt but I ask them how is it beneficial.