What do you think? If the UK were able to do away with liberalism, abandoned some of the cultural strangeness they have, split with America and became Slavophiles could they become friends of Slavic nations? For example, if they stopped supporting Israel and just kept to themselves could Slavs and Brits one day be on friendly terms? I am no Slav, true, but I have British friends in the UK who love Slavs and even know of a Slavophile Englishman who went to live in a Slavic country. Apparently he has been quite assimilated there. If not England, what about Scotland or Wales? The trouble with the British is that they have a cultural and political weight accross the Alantic ocean. Also their knowledge of Europe, especially Slavic Europe is minimal. It would be nice to see the day when Slavs and Brits are on brotherly terms but sadly this cannot happen the way things are now.

Serbs and Brits used to be good friends, but after that crap with the muslim separatists in the 90's the relationship deteriorated, as with any nation that supported the separatists (even some Slavic ones).