Interesting that they are enemies of the British yet would accept Catholic Scots. Mind you, those Catholics were probably Gaelic highlanders rather than Anglo-Saxon lowlanders.

The Kennedy Family was as Irish ("Gaelic") as it gets and that family succeeded in passing the 1965 immigration reform, which also coincided (a few years later) with immigration reform in Canada, New Zealand and eventually Australia in 1973 (end of the 'White Australia Policy').

I don't think the Celts are as liberal, for instance, the leader of the English Defence League is actually of Irish descent (ironic, considering a few generations ago being Irish and Catholic in 1910s London would have been a problem!).  However, any opposition to the status quo among Gaelics (although more common than Anglos) doesn't change the fact that it was their people who effectively implemented the first processes in destroying the West.