Among Protestant theologians the most prominent personality is unquestionably Jaroslav Pelikan (1923- ), professor of church history and for a number of years Dean of the Graduate School at Yale University. He is the son of Rev. Jan J. Pelikan, a well known Slovak Lutheran minister. Jaroslav Pelikan is the author of several tens of books in the field of church history and theology and recipient of many honors, medals and honorary degrees. Among other, he was the chief editor of 22 volumes of the collected works of Luther and for several years he held the Presidency of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (22).

Wow, I would never have guessed he was from Slovakia, I assumed that he wasfrom the German Volga colonies.  He is a Major Theologian and thinker not just in the US and Germany, but even in Great Britain,  to the point that he is mentioned Multiple times in The Cambrige Companion to Martin Luther.  His work of bringing back to life the collected works of Martin Luther in 22 Volumes is famous enough that it would be in any Lutheran Church in the US of any size.  I own multiple books that he has contributed to, he is a major intellectual power.

Very impressive Slovakia.