The English were doing their best to appease Hitler in the late 1930s. Munich agreement? Ok, let him have it. Sudenten annexation (to which Czechoslovakia did not concur)? Ok, let him have it. Annex all of Czechoslovakia? Ok, let him have it. Hitler invades Poland! So the British declare war on him… but don't do anything.

1945… Stalin is the power on continental Europe, so the Brits now focus their talents and energy on sucking his cock now that Hitler is dead. Stalin wants all of Europe up to Berlin? Ok, let him have it! Hey look, peace! Appeasement works! Yay.

Yet, it was Czechs, Poles and Slovaks who did the most to save their ass during the Battle of Britain.

Mmhmm… I dislike the British. Not the individual people, but their government and policies have been anti-Slavic in the 20th Century. And they are, bar none, the most pro-Zionist out of all European nations.