I have to admit, politically wise probably one of the most disliked country is England, yet at least over the internet i have been very good with English folk whether on forums, internet games etc.

It's just, at least from my perspective, people dislike English cockyness. The fact that they can't be as rest of Europe but always have to do things their own way be it politics or any for example measurement standards and norms. Fact they would always ally themselves with America and Australia before any European country, let alone Germany their archenemy. They're probably the biggest American Lackey in Europe, and if there wasn't for Germany and France thanks to English we would be doing American bidding on maximum, at least Germany and France oppose American economic control over Europe and try to place Europe on it's own foot.

There's few more examples i guess, but in a nutshell, they always seemed to work in a opposite direction of other Europeans. Is it on porpoise or what i am not sure.