What is annoying about England is that they insist upon continuing their 'special relationship' with the United States.

Ill tell you all something from insight I have gained whilst living in the UK about the British mentality in this respect. The UK still has an empire mentality. They feel great sadness that after the collapse of the British Empire after the war they lost influence in the world. They could no longer send soldiers to any corner of the globe like the United States does today. Because of this they felt the only way to retain their influence globally was to develop their 'special relationship' with the US. To them America is an English speaking country supposedly based on 'British values' such as liberalism and free market capitalism. Therefore to them America is the successor of the Anglo empire.

This pull of the English speaking countries, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada is what prevents them from being like most other Europeans and ignoring the wars they have had with their regional neighbors and moving on to future Pan-European cooperation. The fact is that this is part of being European, the history of the region is one of war.Asia is no different either. Those countries have all had conflict with each other but still call themselves Asians. Japan is an island off the Asian coastline but does not refer to itself as being separate from the continent. Nearly all countries have fought each other or had some dispute over something at some point. However the British see the English speaking countries as successors of their empire and this is why they refuse to consider any other foreign policy.

However there were some such as Enoch Powell who did not want to make an alliance with the US. There was also the British fascist leader Oswald Mosley who saw Europe as being stuck between the United States and Soviet Union.

What frustrates me about England is their unwillingness to ever consider an alternative and their complete and utter fear of Germany and France. They say "We are not part of Europe" but then you can ask them, "Well which geographic area are you part of? Asia? Africa? America?" They also treat Europe as somehow exotic and other wordly just because they speak another language. It would not hurt England to perhaps think of itself as having something in common with these 'continentals'. Many Brits fail to realise it today but they are not the UK they were in years gone by. Their culture has become completely Americanised and they do not see themselves in any other way but a brother country of the US. Nevertheless the more north you go in the UK the more skepticism of Atlanticism grows. Most EU support comes from the Scots.

It's understandable. Just like we Slavs would like to pursue better relations among our countries, the UK wants to with other anglo countries.