I don't hate usual British people (and any white people at all) if they don't hate Russians, but I can't stand the imperialism of their governments.  Historically, The British Empire was an enemy for Russia and for Russians, they always supported our enemies like turks, japaneses, asian muslims, jews, chechens ect. Events of XIX and older centuries aren't important today, there're a few my reasons "against" Britain:

– Russian Empire was involved in the imperialist games of Britain, which caused The First World War. The result is well known.

– The British Empire was the leader of foreign intervention at the Civil War in Russia, result of this terror were millions of dead Russians and other eastern Slavic people.

– Britain wanted to direct Hitler's aggression to the East, against USSR, I very much doubt if they would cry about a genocide of Russian people in this case.

– So called "friendly" Britain wanted to start nuclear 3rd World War against USSR immediately after the WWII and Churchill's Fulton Speech sterted the Cold War.

– It would the mistake to think that Britain and USA acted only against commies at the time of Cold War, there were a lot of diversions and weird disasters, when died many Russian people http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverdlovsk_anthrax_leak

– Communism died because of defective economy and ideology, but UK did everything possible to commit the collapse of the Union by the most bloody way. When about 80 000 of Slavs (not only Russians) were exterminated in Chechnya, UK has officially supported the Chechen rulers:

imagehttp://politkovskaya.novayagazeta.ru/pub/2003/n30n-s01.jpg” />

– USSR and Russian Empire are dead, Russia isn't a superstate today, but England with other Western governments still fight against Russians and maybe against Ukrainians http://www.nenovosty.ru/vymiranie.html  :

Only on the basis of open data, to reduce the birth rate in Russia was spent 370 million dollars, 330 million spent in Ukraine.

Moreover, the funding goes through government channels, and – as the UK does this, for example – by the lines of the various funds – and the Soros Foundation and the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, among others.

There're a lot of other reasons, like Britain support of jewish oligarhes and presidents in Russia, supply of weapons to Chechen criminals, but UK isn't alone at this sence. Therefore, the UK and USA are liked in Russia only by gays, muslims, jews and other liberals.

IMHO, modern UK is anti-white or anti-British state, one of the main ZOG centers with USA and Israel, the occupier for Irish and Scots. I would not be against of small rich independent British country, something like Sweden of 70-80s, with independent Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.