[li]Why's there so strong anti-Anglo's opinion among you?[/li]

It may sound conservative, but I don't like any non-Slavic nation that is responsible for spilling Slavic blood.

It is their good right to support their own people, as much as it is our right to support our people. The difference is, we more than often take a crap on our kin (if the money is good), they don't. That is the sole reason why we are seen as 'slaves' rather than Slavs by the others.

Would an Anglo politician ever support some non-Anglo separatists in some Anglo country, that openly burn their heritage… never. Far from sending their troops to help them burn and persecute Anglo's from their land. Recognising that occupied territories as non-Anglo rather than Anglo, only in a LSD science-fiction scenario, where they were brainf***ed by aliens.

But for Slavs this is common practice throughout the centuries, so it is no surprise when the most Anglo's look at Slavs as their slaves. They even derived the word 'slave' from the name of our people. Sadly, we are living up to that image from day to day more and more.