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The Betrayal of Poland 1939-1945

by Patrick J. Buchanan – August 29, 1997

With Poland’s membership in NATO at issue, a question has arisen as to whether America owes a debt to the
Polish people for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s having “betrayed” the Polish nation to Joseph Stalin at Yalta.

Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat has lately raised the issue of a moral debt to Poland for the 1945 summit
where FDR accepted Stalin’s assurances of free elections. Eizenstat was taken to task by columnist Lars-Erik Nelson
for repeating a “50-year-old right-wing slander.” Robert Novak defended the “betrayed” thesis.

Nelson’s point: By 1945 Stalin had 12 million troops in Eastern Europe, and Dwight Eisenhower only 4 million in the
West. Conservatives who condemn FDR for Poland’s fate, says Nelson, are joining the “Blame America First” crowd.
We couldn’t save Poland!

But, in truth, Yalta was only the final betrayal of Poland, and not only FDR but Winston Churchill bears moral responsibility
for a half-century of communist enslavement of the Polish people.

The first betrayal came with the British guarantee to Poland, after Neville Chamberlain was exposed as a dupe when
Adolf Hitler tore up his Munich pact and marched into Prague. As Hitler pressed Poland for the return of Danzig, stripped
from Germany after World War I, and demanded rail and road transit to the city across a “Polish Corridor” also taken from
Germany, Warsaw, encouraged by British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, refused even to negotiate. The Poles were
assured that if war came, Britain would be at their side.

But when Hitler invaded Poland from the west and Stalin invaded from the east, Britain declared war on Germany alone.
Then, the British sat behind the Maginot Line while Poland was crucified. The British had goaded the Poles into standing
up to Hitler though they had no plans to save or rescue Poland. Six million Poles would die as a result of having trusted
in a British alliance.

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