I would have to say the best poster was Konzervativac1.0, a bit rough on the edges but still a stand up guy(thing).

Let's remember him in all of his spectrum of mental stages while he was on Slavorum (before he finally degenerated into a lifeless shell, drooling and talking to himself in fetal position in Preljas BDSM dungeons)… Good man… Great poster… I believe he deserved a moment of silence…


Cho-mikko-mauf-foce-meh-neh-de­h-leh-whey-laugh, ah-wah-chey-people-rushy-do-ah­-lie-kah-bah-shah, SHOW-KO, fo-time-deh-yah-time-fitty-bus­-ride-ah, sun-shine-deh-yah-ahh-time-fit­ty-bus-ride-ah, sun-shine-deh-yah-ahh-time-fit­ty-bus-ride-ah, fun-time-deh-yah-ahh-time-fitt­y-bus-ride-OHHHHH
Now in my tradmark clasic pscyhotic ranting maner I will ask you to post a pic or GTFO image
BDS (Bitch dependency syndrome) is no joke, but it is easily solvable ;D

All you need to do is to keep your pimp arm strong.

Bitch Dependency



Fapping to this is like walking through a minefield


Because Putin himself or his elite Spetnaz retrive-the-traitor force would hunt them down, cage them and send 'em on the first flight to Siberia on Russia Air.

I thought that you as a "Russian" knew only Russians aproved as inflitators and spies who work on downfall of the "filty capitalist dogs" can leave the Motherland and settle in USA…

But if you are looking for real Russians in US try your luck with people with uber-American names (like George Christian White, Tim "Arizona" Washington or anyone named Jack) and those who forgot to take off dead posum wraped around their head.

P.S.: I'm not sure do the same emigration rules apply when they go to EU, for that info check with Russian Migration Institution.

No need to thank me Daniel, I'm just helping out a fellow Slav ;)

Yeah I always wondered how many of us had Hitler themed toilet seats and how many of us are tree hugging race mixers?

RACIST TEST (Home Edition)

P.S.: I've passed this test hands down as a liberal pannsy, how did you turn out? Please post your score downbelow ;D

He will be missed…