Everybody loves Wilk. Who don´t?  ;D
I like all the posters who try to be active and hold this forum alive. I mean: Pentaz (no he´s not a cop), Dervan, Svatoslava (for her encyclopaedical and deep research of folklore), Veles (though he´s quiet for few months), Kanadets, Husarz Povhec, Zrkadlo, Cvetinov, Undead, Prelja and many others.

My special favorites are:
Krstjanin, BalticBoy – because …  ::) … because.
Sibiryak and Lenka Láskorádová – because they both are Russians and here s low number of Russians. I like Sibiryak also for his antimuslim opinions.

I like also "outsiders":
Vedmak, Svevlad, MrX, because I like to read other views to Slavism