I think EU is good as far as idea of free and open economy goe's but EU lack's any good vision in preserving native population's and tradition's. If Croatia goe's to EU or not, that wont change any inner problem's in Croatia very much. First each nation has to get rid of corruption and bad politic's, themselves and EU wont change any of that. EU will only give better economic condition's and opportunity to Croatian enterprise's and that is where this story end's.

Remember EU is just economic union and nothing else!
Idea of EU is idea of economic freedom. What i dont like about EU is that it dosent protect nation's from foreginer's buying up land (houses, farm's etc.). Only EU country that has put a law to protect itself from foregin buyer's (especialy against German buyer's) was Denmark.

Basicaly foreginer's buying our houses is only thing i dont like about EU. But Slovene politicians wont pass any protective law becouse they are all bunch of pussies afraid to do anything that demand's gut's. But this effect also work's vice versa. For example There are many Slovene's who are buying up Austrian houses and land in Austrian Carinthia, especialy some border village's have been bought off by Slovene's. But vice versa Austrian's are buying land and houses in Slovene Styria. But i dont mind Styria so much becouse Austrian's have been living in Mariboir, Celje and Ptuj for centuries and they will asimilate quikly like most of german's did in medieval time's (alot of slovene's have german surname's).

What i dont like is Italian's buying up Kras and never in history they ever lived in Kras. And Italian never assimilate's, he even demand's that slovene officials talk in Italian. Screw them Lahi bastard's.