Croatia can really benefit from membership only if they become part of Schengen area as soon as possible.
There is a chance, given its attractivity for tourists mainly from EU countries.

I'm not sure what to think.

From a nationalistic point of view enslaving yourself to a large union and lose a part of your self governance is a very bad thing…it's always a bad thing no matter how the other part of the bargain is good.

From a average Joe point of view, entering EU could maybe improve our country in some sort of way, thought i don't really care about some sort of way but i would just like to live better or at least equal to as it is at the moment… i'm just hoping when we'll start using Euro that prices won't go up but our wages stay same because that would ruin our buy power and standard…

not sure what to think, i wish a ww3 would start, then everyone would have a job…

Just think that Serbia is going to EU too… Schengen too in some years… New Yugoslavia?