Povhec: EU is much more than economic union now, it is also a political union, which is quite bad.
Actually, development of recent years leads to damaging free trade, and further economic centralization may lead to loss of ability to compete in the world. What would happen next is China steamrolling us economically.

Concerning buying houses, that has nothing to do with EU, actually :) it is in competence of individual countries to enact or to not enact such a protective law. Look, bragging about it will not force your elected government to write down such a norm and your parliament to pass it.
1. Find more people that share your opinion in that matter
2. Create a civic movement, articulate your opinions and support them with good arguments, defend it in public debates
3. Push on parties, persuade them

We are lucky to have a democracy, that is, people have a possibility to influence politics, lawmaking, their state. Use that  :)

Yes i agree, EU is becoming too centralised. We need to end European Central Bank and EU Parliament. EU should only be about euro currency, no war and open border's.

Well about protective law. There is no slovene political party that has ever even said that they would like to implement such law, sadly. So yeah civic movement is our only possibility.