Yes i agree, EU is becoming too centralised. We need to end European Central Bank and EU Parliament. EU should only be about euro currency, no war and open border's.

Yeah, it should be more of a European Community than a Union (which sounds like Soviet Union)), but with such an arrangement, the bankers cannot get as rich. It is easier for them to manage and extract wealth from ONE territory than THIRTY separate ones. So, with every financial hardship and crisis they push for further financial centralization. The ECB was screeching to be let to handle the crisis, but the Germans blocked it, since it was private banks' greed that led to massive corruption and unemployment in the German Weimar Republic. Countries need to cooperate, but each nation's money should be controlled by that nation. The Euro is a decent idea, but it needs to be reworked. Sacrificing national and financial sovereignty for economic convenience is national suicide.

The Soviet Union was officially 15 separate republics, but all had the same currency with the government in Moscow making all the decisions. The EU is slowly moving in this direction. From cooperation to and awkward and transnational (and thus sloppy) centralization – EU Court in Strasbourg, EU Bank in Frankfurt, the EU parliament in Brussels… lol, it's becoming a mess.