I´m from Macedonia and I find your post offensive.

Your question is trivial. Macedonia is a country of the Macedonian people. The Macedonian people are slavic. Our language is slavic, our folklore is slavic, and our culture in general is slavic. We have been in contact with other populations more than other slavic people, so we have influences from Turkish, the Romance group and even greek in our language and in our culture as well, but generally, the root is slavic and the slavic component is by far the most dominant.

We have some nonslavic minorities – turkish, vlav, roma and some others, but they are very few. The way that any other country has minorities. I´m not sure, but I think that in our constitution all ethnicities have the right to study in their own language and to express their culture and religion.

The only numerous minority in Macedonia are the Albanians.The Albanians are a very difficult topic. I believe everyone in this forum knows what it means to live in a country with Albanians. The situation is very problematic and I believe very dangerous for us at this moment, but it seems that most people in the country choose not to see that.

Macedonia is unlike Switzerland in so many ways, but I don think that this is a place to get in to a discussion about Albanians in Macedonia, after all it is a forum about slavic culture.


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