The pictures of his relatives and girlfriend, also look quite Asian too. 

This annoys me being of Ukrainian descent.  On the Prairies is different; but dealing with these 'types' can be annoying.  They'll always say they are Ukrainian / Russian to strangers and then act like Asiatics, and cause non-stop problems for everyone in their vicinity.  It gets to a point if you meet someone from Eastern Europe, you need to say the 'right jokes' in order to distinguish their real ethnicity. It gets to the point of annoyance that if I tell Anglos I am half Ukrainian, they'll ask why I don't look like 'Ukrainians' with names like Gelman, Goldstein, et al.  ::)

I can truly relate. I really wish Jews would just be called Jews. Imagine if a Black "German" came to America and started robbing and killing. I do not think people would be calling him a German no matter how many Generations his family spent in the nation.

For centuries, western Europeans assumed Bohemians (Czechs) were dark people marauding in the countryside, because the 'Bohemians' who migrated to France were Gypsies. . .  Not so ironic, but this belief that ethnic Slavs were Gypsies did build a lot into modern anti-Slavism.

Ironically,pure ethnic Slavs have little-to-no problem integrating in N. America but there are Jewish migrants and their descendents (who have been here for decades) and still hold a public pseduo-Slav identity.  Public being the key word, lots of Slavs in N. America like celebrating their heritage but we don't exactly shout at top of our lungs who we are and we don't remain a hyphenated population.

Ironically, as much as they love talking about "ze Shtetls of Old Country", they act quite unpleasant when dealing with Slavs and live in a fantasy in some sense that they know if they went to Eastern Europe on vacation, everyone there would point them out to be a foreigner (doesn't matter how well they speak the local language)