Looks like they are seriously joining them. I think in the long run Hrvatska will hate this decision. Just like the Greeks hate it.

that's what i was going to say.

And it's not only Greeks who hate it, but everyone except of Dutch, germans, austrians and others who were helped by the eu to become strong economies.

Also, notice that western slavs have became something like "vassals" of Germany, and their citizens live with a few hundreds of Euro per month, the same time that the second become more and more rich.Do you think that the same will not happen to Croatia?

No need to thank me and you can go on and lecture us about differences. You can also tell us why Britain is spending money on Greece.

I suppose because it owes the particular country much more than the money it is spending.If it would spent it for your country, there would deffinetely be no answer to the same question