Thank you. Girl in the 4. picture is beautiful, but at least 6 girls are fake redheads, I wanted only true ones.

Oh really? You asked for help so I spent my time searching for you and…

I can see at least 5 or 6 of the ones you posted are not true redheads.

It is somewhat subjective – the redheads one person thinks look natural – might look artificial to someone else. Just as I think many of the ones you posted are not natural. If there are ones you do not think are natural just disregard those, no need to make comments like that.

::)  I said "thank you", no need to express any emotion. In my first post is : Feel free to post pictures, but beware of fake redheads' pictures.
Show me those 5-6 fake redheads in my posts.

This is not somewhat subjective, this is just not a redhead. So why to post them in Slavic redheads thread? After all, there is a place for them in Slavic beauties thread.

I wanted to see true redheads, then I can compare their faces – they have something specific in faces. And that is, I want to see. That's not so difficult to understand.